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Who is the beast and who is the human? Can we compare a beast to human being? No we cannot. A beast thinks like a ‘beast’ and uses its natural weapons to defend itself, to survive, to reproduce itself, to secure its space and to respect its environment and the herds living around her. It will only kill under necessity or serious threat.

Humans, with their immeasurable amount of wisdom, of perceptibility, of skills and intelligence, will kill for any reason valuable or not; will harm even without any substantial benefice, just for the pleasure of harming and of witnessing the suffering of their peers. They need to protrude, to show off, if at least to themselves, to demonstrate to the world their capacities. Amidst their thirst for power, cruelty, rapaciousness, greediness, and so many other facets in their personality, they remain absolutely impossible to decode. A simple minded person would be able to differentiate between good and bad while the most intelligent one, would find it difficult to detect. Why? Is it the everlasting battle between evil and good that is deteriorating the human mind or is it some imperfection in our psychological composition? None of them apparently! The challenge is to be honest and keen enough to declare our real intentions to ourselves prior to jumping into any adventure that would purposefully diverge and damage to an unbearable dimension the course of life of our peers.


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