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The Stairway to Heaven (six times 5 stars) there are some 25 reviews

Immediately after the Oslo peace agreement was signed by Arafat (PLO leader) and the Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin and the Foreign Minister, Simon Perez, Israel underwent a series of terror attacks, suicide bombers, and an invasion of an army of terrorists who aimed at the complete destruction of the state of Israel. There were no place left inside and outside the country that remained unaffected.  Terrorists were found in the most impervious sites and their harvest of lives was indescribable.

No difference was made between civilians and soldiers, between a child and an adult; they were Jews and Israelis and they were predestined to die as per the Palestinian’s concept.

When the peace agreement was signed, there was a burst of keen joy from both sides and Israeli and Palestinian walked in the streets holding a dove and a branch of olive tree. It seemed that their dream was about to materialize.

So strong it was that it swept off all preliminary precautions and a frenetic implementation of the peace agreement began with the immediate release of occupied cities and territories by Israel. It lasted only few weeks and collapsed when a procession of devils made their way to the heart of Israel. They came during the day and the night, and exploded themselves amidst passersby, in buses, in malls, coffee bars, everywhere and anywhere.  People died at a rate that no country could sustain. Those who remained alive were crippled mentally and physically for the rest of their days. Babies in their cradle were turned into living torches or into hashed meat.

The nightmarish horror perpetuated and it seemed that nothing could stop it. It spared no one inside the country or in its borders. Travelers were targeted and killed in their car. School buses were hit and children killed on their way to school. Israel then seemed absolutely lost and out of control.

Beit Lid junction is nearly a countryside location lost amidst vegetation in the road between Netanya and Hadera. It had a small kiosk managed by an Israeli family. Soldiers commonly swarm inside and outside at the early hours of the day waiting for their transportation to their military bases. Parents’ cars are also seen there when they drove their offspring to the connecting junction.

But this location was also very close to Palestinian cities, known as anthills of terrorists. On January 22, 1995, on a leisurely Sunday morning, when soldiers gathered around the bus station and the kiosk, two Palestinian terrorists, disguised in Israeli soldiers and loaded with at least ten kilograms belt bombs, coldly positioned themselves as close as possible to the largest group of soldiers and activated the button. The first terrorist blew himself amidst the group nearby the kiosk while the other waited calmly that rescuers rushed to help in order to activate his bomb, harvesting many lives and wounding hundreds.

They weren’t afraid to die if only they could reach their target: The killing of many people, Jews people.

They were convinced that with their horrible act, they will be rewarded: Paradise and 70 virgins awaiting them.





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