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Eitan’s Dvir biography in English and Hebrew with beautiful photos of his latest collection.
Art critic – John Harkin
“Art connoisseurs and students of Art History could observe characteristics of the Classical period from the early Renaissance right through to the Impressionism period. Eitan had taken qualities from all of these styles to create what was comfortably recognizable but completely new. For example compare his use of light to Hercules Seghers, or to Rembrandt, or his technique to create the feeling of sublimity, not unlike Morse or Lorraine. His pastoral scenes range from colors and hues that are reminiscent of Constable, Turner and Homer. His creations exhibit a sense of peace, celebration and solitude that seemed to be coming less and less a part of what we are.” (Quote from John Harkin – Arts Coordinator M.ED- Canada Roman Catholic School Board of Education).
“It is for me (John Harkin’s quote) however, a new experience and a new world when I immerse myself in Eitan’s work. His landscapes blended with gold and green bestow on the beholder an unusual restful feeling. Beside the large scenes, people were surprised to discover that the artist had the unique ability to bring Jewish expressions to reality. These can be seen from the artist’s pictures of women lighting the Shabbat candles or when a Rabbi unfolds the large Bible scroll and bends to read the contents with devotion.
“Freedom of expression is a cherished value in the western world. It is also the freedom to express what is good and what is bad. In art, however, it is the mode of expression which can be questioned, and unfortunately, there is some very bad expressionism hidden under the guise of Modern Art.
“For Eitan, what was good is the Art which through the ages has been acclaimed by the world as masterful. He had in every sense of the word, accepted this as an essential experience for all artists. To be able to manipulate oil and canvas, colors and texture, light and shade, line and shape, and to feel deeply about how these elements express every and any event is a basic requirement for every good artist.

“Customers of Art are to some degree, influenced by commercialism. A good artist is as popular in print as he/she is in original work. To explore Art and to accept what is good can be greatly influenced by the critic’s personal tastes and by Art which is being commercially promoted.” (Quote from John Harkin – Arts Coordinator M.ED- Canada Roman Catholic School Board of Education, written on Eitan’s works during his stay in Canada in 1983)


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